Into the thick of it.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve come to this space.  How time flies!   If I’m being honest, the year of 2019 started for me on January 7, not January 1.  We had a couple of parties and other events that made it hard to stay away from booze and shitty food so we decided to hit it hard starting Jan 7 and we’ve done just that. 

We’re in a friendly challenge with some good friends in our neighbourhood that’s entirely made up.  The couple that started it set out the rules – you get points each day for healthy eating and working out.  You dock points for every alcoholic drink you have.   This has made us SO aware of our habits and we’re thinking before we eat/drink everything and are both working out so.much.more.    Healthy fun competition is definitely the way to get a fire started under my ass.   Also, we are the couple in the challenge that has the most work ahead of us (read:  everyone else is already in great shape and just getting back on track, vs us who have lots of weight to lose) so that adds to our fire too.   My husband is much better off than I am, but still has about 20lbs he’d like to lose. 

I started off with an official weight of 192.6 (on Jan 7) and I’m down to 189.8 for a total loss of  2.8lbs.  I won’t give a full breakdown of the days between Jan 7 and now … but I can say that I’ve cut out all sugar and junk and after 12 full days of detox from the crap (and booze), I’m feeling so much better.  Stronger and more present as well.  I love this feeling.    I think I’ll start a weekly log to continue to motivate myself to keep the momentum. 

Until next week…


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