Hard work really does pay off…

Last weigh in was 189.8.   This morning (about a week and a half after my last weigh in) I’m at 186lbs.   Feeling super proud about this!   Lots of work outs and runs under my belt, snow shovelling (wholly shit do we have a lot of snow right now) and healthy eating.   I’ve only had 1 beer since my last post. 

We are heading out on Thursday evening, driving from Toronto to Buffalo to catch our flight on Friday to Orlando and then boarding our Disney cruise on Saturday.   It’s gonna be a total shit show for food and booze all week, but I already know this and will just have to deal and get back on track when we’re home. 

Hoping I can squeak another lb off this frame and head into the vacation at 185 … that might motivate me while on board the ship to keep things under control 🙂 


One thought on “Hard work really does pay off…

  1. Whoop whoop! Isn’t it crazy how much better we feel when we’re taking care of ourselves? Lightbulb moment, ha! I head to Vegas on Friday for 4 days, but I am 100% working out while I’m there to at least offset a few of the calories. 😉 Congrats on a great 10 days!


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