Week 7: I’m on a Roll

I weighed in at 188.2lbs this morning, so I’m down 1lb this week.   I’m on a roll, albeit a slow, turtle paced like roll, but I’ve heard it a million times – slow and steady wins the race. 

I didn’t get to the gym much as I was buried under piles and piles of work as well as sandy laundry and kid activities.   I did keep my calorie intake in check all week long and was “active” in that I rarely had a chance to sit down!   We went skiing as a family again on Sunday.  It continues to be my absolute favourite thing we do together.  I love watching the boys get better at it every week and their lack of any fear at all is amazing!   Thank God for helmets!   We also took the kids to a massive toboggan hill on Monday (provincial holiday here in Ontario), so lots and lots of walking up snowy and, in some parts, icy hills with GT snow racers on my back made for a great workout as well.   

Our next vacation is quickly approaching and it’ll be a challenge for me but not in the same way the Disney Cruise was.  We are driving to Florida and have rented a house with my best friend and her family for a week.   I will be having drinks, I’m a realist after all.   But I’ll have more control over the food I put into my body so I’m hoping to break even and maybe even lose a little bit while I’m there.   I’m hoping for good weather so I can get outside and run 2 or 3 times during the week.   We leave in 2 weeks for this adventure and I’m hopeful that I can get my weight down to 186.  Notwithstanding the massive gains on the cruise, I feel more focussed this time around than I have in years and it’s a great feeling.   Small goals along the way get you to your ultimate goal, right?


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