At the beginning again …

Here I am, at the beginning again. This time, I hope that it truly is a beginning that will yield real results that stay with me. I’ve been here before and it’s proven to be so fucking hard.

This morning, I weighed in at 192lbs. Ugh. When I was younger, I was such an amazing athlete and always in great shape. I took great pride in that … I usually sat around 135/140lbs (I’m short but have a weird amount of muscle mass in me) and always felt and looked so healthy. Now, after years of infertility treatments, 5 pregnancies and 2 kids (7 and 5 yrs old), I find myself totally overweight, exhausted all the time and unhealthy at 47. It seems to permeate through all areas of my life. I’m miserable at work, can be short with the kids at times when I shouldn’t, short with my husband as well, and I’m peri-menopausal. Not a good combination at all.

So, the buck must stop here. I know how to do this. No fad diets for me. Work out and eat healthy. Oh, and get plenty of sleep, too. I’m not sure if anyone will actually read any of this, but I’ve got to record it somewhere and this is where I’ve landed.

Jan 2 is officially day 1. My goals for the balance of week 1 are simple. Exercise at least twice between now and Sunday, eat healthy and stay away from all the garbage foods in my house from Christmas.

My long term goals are to lose a total of 42lbs by summer and ride into summer at 150. It’s officially on!


2 thoughts on “At the beginning again …

  1. “I’m miserable at work, can be short with the kids at times when I shouldn’t, short with my husband as well…” <– DUDE, THIS. I'm just now realizing how it's affecting EVERYTHING in my life. We will do this together! My goal is 1#/week (feels more sustainable and realistic to me), so that would be 21# by June 1st. I'd take it. LOL


    1. Yep, it blows! I’m a hot mess nearly all the time! So happy to have a partner to move along through this with!! I like your 1# per week goal. It’s totally reasonable and achievable 🙂 Let’s do this!!

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