Vacation Tally is in.

So I made it to my goal of 185 before we departed on our trip.   Disney cruisin’ through the Western Caribbean with a short stop at a beach hotel in Cape Canaveral afterwards and then homebound.    We all had such a great time (but oh man… some Disney obsessed people be crazy!  We don’t get it!)

I weighed in this morning at 189.2.   I drank beer and ate like garbage with reckless abandon and it was fab.   But… I’m home now and totally back on track.  

I knew I’d give up some of my momentum going on this vacation so I’m not disappointed.   Ending this week at 188 would make me super happy.

Next up?  March break trip back to Florida in 3.5 short weeks.   We’re driving instead of flying so it should be easier to control our intake on the way there and back.   A quick stop at Walmart or another grocery store to load up on healthy snacks and meals to whip together in the car should help.   Once in sunny FLA, we have a house rented with good friends and will be filling our fridge with healthy food for the week.   I’d love to make it back to 185 for this trip and then maintain, or lose(!), while there.

Once I’m through March break, I will be solidly on track for the balance of the winter through the spring in hopes of hitting some pretty awesome goals by summer!


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