We’re home from a terrific March break holiday week in sunny Florida.   We had such a fantastic time, it was hard to leave!   Now back to the grind.

My official first weigh in was this morning.   I felt like I couldn’t bare to see the carnage on Monday morning and so waited a few days to see where I landed.    I weighed in today and to my great surprise, I am sitting at 185.6!   My last weigh in was 186.6 so I’m actually DOWN at lb!

I tried hard to watch what I was eating while we were away, made “some” healthy choices and didn’t over eat or snack a lot – I just stuck to breakfast, lunch and dinner for the most part, but … I drank beer wherever and whenever I felt like it.  And as it turns out, I felt like it a whole heck of a lot!

I’m thrilled to be home and down a lb.   I’ll weigh in again next Wednesday morning to get back into my usual routine.


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